Fine Faugères XO

Eau de vie

It is the first spirit of Languedoc to be regulated and especially the only one distilled thanks to a still called “ironing” still. This distillation process is interesting because it gives the eau-de-vie more complexity.

Grézan Olive oil

Olive oil from France – Extra virgin

Premium unfiltered oil obtained directly from olives and by mechanical means only. To use in salads as well as in cooking.

La Mentheuse

Artisanal cream of mint

Distilled in Occitanie, this inovating cream of mint revisits the classic recipe in accordance with current tastes and consumption patterns. Almost transparent, no additives or colouring, it offers great aromatic force of peppermint and a sensation of sweet freshness, only 15 ° alcohol. To be enjoyed with ice or with a splash of sparkling water.

Grézan Balsamic vinegar

Artisanal vinegar made from our grape must, to use in salads.

Grézan White wine vinigar

Aromatized artisanal vinegar made from our wines, ideal for your seafood