Fine Faugères

Eau de vie XO

Fine de Faugères comes from a long tradition of distillation in the Languedoc region ; this tradition was recognized with an AOP in 1948. The Fine was aged in our cellars in oak casks for a minimum of 10 years. Awaiting discovery by lovers of a great French spirits … Intense on the nose, with aromas of spices and confited fruits. Round and supple on the palate, it attests to a subtle blending of the wood’s vanilla and the fruit. The finish is satisfying, with full aromas of dried fruits, quince jellies and a subtle toasted note.

Grézan Olive oil

Olive oil from France – Extra virgin

Premium unfiltered oil obtained directly from olives and by mechanical means only. To use in salads as well as in cooking.

Grézan Balsamic vinegar

Artisanal vinegar made from our grape must, to use in salads.

Grézan White wine vinigar

Aromatized artisanal vinegar made from our wines, ideal for your seafood