Les Schistes Dorés

AOP Faugères – Syrah, Mourvèdre
Manual harvesting and sorting on the stem resulting from a plot selection. The grapes are carried in crates to the cellar for manual sorting on a table. Integral vinification in new French oak in demi-muids. Aged during twelve months, this cuvee reaches 15 000 bottles of unfiltered wine when the year allows it. Beautiful crimson purple, rich on the nose with aromas of black fruits, humus, spices underlined by a minty freshness and zan. This wine already fully expresses its power and richness. The long palate, with blackcurrant liqueur with liquorice aromas, slightly toasted is balanced with firm tannins, wonderfully lingering mouth. The harmony develops gradually as it ages in the cellar.

Le Séculaire

Vin de 
France –
 100% Carignan
This innovative cuvee of century-old Carignans, planted in 1921, provides our familial history. The cleaning of these forgotten vines followed by their continuous maintenance, comparable to a master craftsmen work (staking, cutting back, forming arm cups, weeding with a hoe), have led to regain these authentic flavors as a result of a vinification that is friendly to the raw materials. Manual harvesting and sorting are made in the vine and in the cellar. The wine is aged in terracotta amphora in order to maintain the purity of this wine from a true and genuine winemaker. The wild and balsamic nose leads us to think about garrigues. Even if the mouth is full and riche, it remains supple and provides the flavor of the first Languedoc wines without artefacts.

Grézan Rouge

AOP Faugères – Grenache, Syrah, Carignan
A wine representative of the wild Faugères terroir. Aromas of fresh red fruits (raspberry , blackberry, venison and the Languedoc flora, brought by the soil and grape varieties typical of the appellation. Delicate and elegant on the palate, with smooth tannins.


AOP Faugères – Mourvèdre, Syrah, Carignan
Hand harvesting followed by a traditional vinification and an ageing process in barrels of French oak for 12 months – non-filtered. As a first step, the nose is spicy and oaky. Then aromas of underbrush and truffles will emerge. The mouth is rich: its velvety and structure will align perfectly with notes of black fruits.

Cuvée Arnaud

AOP Faugères – Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carignan
Hand-picked and aged in oak barrels for 12 months. A powerful, fruity and balanced wine. Ideal with red meat 

Le Cul de Lampe

Merlot – Counoise
No sulfites added.
Cacao and spice on the nose. Smooth and harmonious, Le Cul de Lampe offers a rich and opulent mouth in the image of his Languedoc terroir. The absence of added sulfites will connect you with the fruity taste of the Merlot.

Le Bastion

IGP Oc – Syrah, Viognier
No sulfites added.
Perfect alliance between the spicy charm of the Syrah and the floral elegance of the Viognier. This gourmet and silky wine, with aromas of fresh fruits and balsamic, offers a supple and aerial mouth which will sublimate your grills, meats in sauce and your cheeses. The absence of added sulfites enhances the fruit.

La Clape

AOP La Clape – Syrah, Grenache
A charming wine dressed in dark and intense colors. The nose is rich and complex with liquorice and tapenade scents. A full-bodied and fleshy palate, through aromas of catechu and garrigue, offers a well-balanced wine thanks to a silky structure based on a longlasting taste.

Terrasses du Larzac

AOP Terrasses du Larzac – Syrah, Grenache
The nose is spicy, developing aromas of garrigue. Aromatic wine expressing above all the ripe fruits, the sour cherry and the blackcurrant liqueur. This aromatic explosion gives way to a mouth full of mint freshness.

Pic Saint-Loup

AOP Pic Saint-Loup – Syrah, Grenache
Syrah has left its marks in this refreshing, completely floral wine, redolent of the most beautiful limestone land on the Pic Saint Loup heights. A delicate nose, speaking of violets and fresh fruits; the peppery finish is refreshing on the palate.


AOP Saint-Chinian – Syrah, Grenache, Carignan
Typical wine of the appellation’s clayishcalcareous slopes, it is a solid Languedoc wine distinguished by is aromatic intensity and opulence on the palate. The garrigue and its procession of balsamic notes gain traction.

Zangre rouge

IGP Oc – Syrah, Merlot, Carignan
A true southern wine with its dark-purple colour; powerful aromas of freshly squeezed red fruits. Velvety on the palate with silky tannins; a great wine for everyday enjoyment.

Château Grézan Rouge

Mourvèdre – Syrah – Carignan
Vinification in terracotta amphoras of 10 hectoliters. Aged in terracotta amphoras of 150 liters.
Availability : september 2020